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First Visit Tips

Partners:  Partners are never required.  Touch Dancing has both male and  female instructors. 

Spouses are always encouraged to attend together;

However, if you're not going to include a "life partner", it is better to attend as an Individual than to ask a substitute to attend with you.  Instructors can teach you better and faster without the "stand-in".

Shoes :    Leather soled dress shoes are usually best. 

Athletic shoes are designed to grip the floor and therefore, should be avoided

 Flipflops and sandals CANNOT be worn and our insurance does not permit us to teach a student in bare feet or socks  .

Dress Code:

Touch Dancing has a casual environment compared to most dance studios.

Relaxed- "Dress" Jeans are fine!  SHORTS ARE NEVER APPROPRIATE.

Ladies - for reasons you will better understand better after you attend lessons, you want to avoid sleeveless blouses.    

Appointment Policy:   24 hours notice is required to cancel or change an appointment.

Inclement Weather:  If NKC or Parkhill school districts are closed due to weather, it is possible that Touch Dancing would also be closed.